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Advertising copywriting: creative, marketing-driven ads that build brands, seize market share.
Ad campaign strategy: multimedia advertising concepts and copy that work together to leverage your media buy - and each other.
Branding: 35 years of experience creating, marketing, defending, and extending brands.
Brochure copywriting: salesmanship in print, with brochure copy that illuminates and persuades.
B2B advertising: business-to-business advertising concepts and copy that target and motivate decision-makers all the way up to the boardroom level.
Call center scripts: leverage my scripting experience for hundreds of companies to get a system proven to generate qualified leads.
Catalog copywriting: concise, creative, compelling catalog descriptions that sell. (Order now!)
Consumer advertising: ad concepts and copy that drive branding, sell services and products.
Copy editing: quick freelance editing turns your rough draft into polished, professional copy.
Copywriting: by the project or by the hour; fast, freelance, customer-focused copy that sells.
Creative direction: as a freelance creative director, I have the marketing discipline, management skills, and creative vision to keep your advertising projects on track.
Data sheet copywriting: more than just information - persuasion with a technical approach.
Direct response advertising: every ad should generate a response. In this case: buy now.
Email campaigns: one of the emails I wrote increased open rates 900% over a proven control.
Interactive advertising: a multimedia opportunity to engage, compel, and ultimately sell.
Letter writing: personal, pithy, persuasive business letters that get read.
Mailer copywriting: inventive ideas, from simple postcards to spectacular direct mail campaign concepts.
Marketing: freelance marketing director for launches, interim management, or critical review.
Newsletter writing: informative, lively articles that extend your marketing and advertising strategies.
Outdoor advertising: billboards and bus cards that build brands, get business.
Package copywriting: it may be a box. But I still think outside it.
Point-of-purchase: signs that sell, on the spot!
Press release writing: announcing and positioning combined in marketing-oriented press releases.
Print advertising: creative ad concepts and copy that attract, intrigue, persuade.
Promotions: cost-effective ways to leverage your marketing strategy with your customer base.
Proposal writing: Sant-trained freelance copywriter turns boilerplate copy into a powerful branding, marketing, and sales tool.
Radio commercials: copywriting that brings your brand to life in the theater of the mind.
Rewriting: leverage your existing marketing tools in creating new ones, while retaining effectiveness.
Sales kit copywriting: your products and services presented in a versatile format that sells.
Sales training materials: memorable marketing tools that help make sure your sales message gets to your customer or end user.
Social media: engaging key audiences, one person at a time, to build your brand, extend your reach, and increase your sales.
Slogans and taglines: your marketing strategy and brand positioning, distilled.
Telemarketing campaigns: clear, effective initial calling scripts and follow-up emails and scripts,
Television commercials: the bathroom can wait. Watch this TV commercial!
Trade advertising: b2b ads that treat entire industries like the people within them.
Website copywriting: website content with search-term savvy copy and persuasion in every line.
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