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You can pick from thousands of freelance writers out there. So, why pick me for your project? Well, here are six strengths I have beyond the persuasive writing skill that simply marks one as a professional ad writer. While it would be the greatest of conceits (and untruthful to boot) to say that no one else has them, I will gladly stack what I offer against the offerings of any other freelance copywriter.

1. Dependability over the long haul. I’m neither moonlighting nor killing time as a freelancer while I search for a full-time job. Advertising copywriting is my trade, but freelancing is my business. Yes, business: I have a DUNS number (123569316), a CAGE code (668N8) and I’m listed in the federal government Central Contract Registration (CCR). The fact is, I’ve been a copywriter for more than 30 years, and a full-time freelancer for more than 25 years. I’m available right now, and I’ll be here for you long-term. You never have to worry about me going off and “getting a job.” Being your advertising copywriter on-call - that’s my job.

2. National and even international reach. Because I have a strong web presence, I’ve built a fair amount of my business online. So, I’m very accustomed to working with people via telephone, email, and Skype, no matter where you or your team members might be located.

3. Fast, fresh work. My experience with companies in diverse industries means I get up to speed fast so your projects get turned around quickly and competently. That same broad-based experience also keeps me from falling into a creative rut, so you always get a fresh perspective.

4. All-around ability. My skills as an advertising copywriter go beyond any single medium. I have won awards for my copywriting in all media, including print, outdoor, online, television, and radio. So, I can develop ad campaigns, extend advertising concepts, and leverage marketing ideas. You can see samples of my print, radio, and television work in my advertising portfolio. You can see samples of my brochure copywriting in my brochure portfolio. As for web copywriting, you might regard the ease with which this website works as a measure of my skill.

5. Cheerful, positive attitude. I’ve been at this long enough to know the difference between sweating the details, and sweating the small stuff.

6. Strategic and tactical thinking. With 30+ years of advertising experience, my abilities go deeper than just writing ad copy. I build senior-level branding expertise and creative direction into every copywriting project. Strong branding and intelligent positioning turn your ad, brochure, website, or other marketing project into a powerful corporate asset. It doesn’t just communicate a competitive edge; it becomes a competitive edge.

Ultimately, though, how well I serve you, fulfilling your needs, depends mostly on how well we work together. So, let’s talk about working together! Call me now: (619) 465-6100.
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