John Kuraoka
(619) 465-6100

My former life as an advertising copywriter and creative director


I used to be a freelance copywriter and creative director, but I'm no longer seeking clients. This section is mostly archival, although my Ad Blog may be of long-term cultural interest.

My current and future life as a student of archaeology and anthropology.


I am currently enrolled at San Diego City College as a student of anthropology and archaeology, and I'm actively seeking work in the field. This section includes my CV, education, and projects (including an ArchaeoBlog).

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emergency-only back-up email address

If my email link doesn’t show up, then you have JavaScript disabled; just manually type john @ kuraoka-dot-com into your email program. Or, what the heck, call me at (619) 465-6100.

Call me.

Phone: (619) 465-6100

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John Kuraoka
6877 Barker Way
San Diego, California

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