John Kuraoka
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My former life as an advertising copywriter and creative director


I used to be a freelance copywriter and creative director, but for ethical reasons I'm no longer seeking clients. This section is mostly archival, although my Ad Blog may be of long-term cultural interest.

My current and future life as a student of archaeology and anthropology.


I am currently working as an on-call field archaeologist for several San Diego cultural resource management companies. But I'm still actively seeking more work in the field. This section includes my résumé, education, and projects (including an ArchaeoBlog).

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If my email link doesn’t show up, then you have JavaScript disabled; just manually type john @ kuraoka-dot-com into your email program. Or, what the heck, call me at (619) 465-6100.

Call me.

Phone: (619) 465-6100

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John Kuraoka
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