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Why is my website so stripped-down? Efficiency. If you’re interested in finding out more about my formal qualifications as a potential archaeological worker, click here. If you’d like to know what sets me apart, click here.

A bit about me: I wrote ads for years. Which means I spent years happily digging into data for insights into human behavior patterns in order to influence those behaviors in ways that could be measured in market share, attitudes, or sales. It was applied anthropology; my practice area was American consumer culture, and my time period was the immediate past to the immediate future. I learned material culture from the inside, because I was one of the people who helped foster it.

But consumer culture has led to a sixth extinction, and “green” products aren’t the answer. We can’t consume our way to a sustainable future. And advertising, with its divisive, us-vs-them foundation disguised as “brand development,” is a big part of the problem. So I turned away from using cultural insights to sell stuff, and toward using those insights to explore the shared humanity that unites us.

Nowhere is the data and the evidence more abundant than in archaeology, where science meets humanism. That’s where I want to work now.

If your organization could use a proven collaborative worker, hire me. Send me an email at . If the link doesn’t show up, then you have JavaScript disabled; just manually type john @ kuraoka-dot-com into your email program. Or, here’s a crazy idea, call me at (619) 465-6100.

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