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The Advertising Copywriter Mentorship program is closed. However, because I hate dead links, this section of my website remains up for archival purposes. The syllabus and sample projects may also prove useful to anyone developing an advertising copywriter curriculum.

The program was designed for college juniots and seniors. Every year, I selected one person to team up with, with the goal of polishing up their concepting and copywriting skills, and landing their first job as an advertising copywriter.

A bit of background: I enjoy teaching, and have taught advertising seminars and workshops. However, the idea of teaching a copywriting class doesn’t appeal to me because 95% of the students in college copywriting classes don’t want to become advertising copywriters. They’re just fulfilling a requirement for their major. That makes it hard to get excited by - or excite - the 5% who are interested in becoming advertising copywriters.

So, I created this project-based mentorship for aspiring advertising copywriters. It lets me work directly with those who really want to write ads for a living. The mentorship provided:

This copywriting mentorship was designed for college students in their junior or senior year who have completed classes in advertising, marketing, concepting, and copywriting. It was aimed at students who are serious about building a strong portfolio and becoming an advertising copywriter. It might also help to read my article How to write better ads and a few of the books listed in An advertising copywriter’s bookshelf: recommended books. For career advice, look at my articles How to become an advertising copywriter and More career advice: what’s it like to be an advertising copywriter? and even How to take your copywriting portfolio to the next level.

The next page has more background and all the logistical details.

What did I get out of this? Well, I liked to think that, in a small way, I helped improve advertising. But, truth is, I enjoy seeing new approaches - the thinking upon which tomorrow’s ads will be based. It keeps me fresh - indeed, forces me to stay fresh. In a way, I thought of it as a preview of next year’s One Show.

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